Selected Papers of the Conferences FORTE and COORDINATION 2015

Editors: Susanne Graf, Tom Holvoet, Viswanathan Mahesh, Mirko Viroli

1. Data optimizations for constraint automata

Jongmans, Sung-Shik T. Q. ; Arbab, Farhad.
Constraint automata (CA) constitute a coordination model based on finite automata on infinite words. Originally introduced for modeling of coordinators, an interesting new application of CAs is implementing coordinators (i.e., compiling CAs into executable code). Such an approach […]

2. A Coordination Language for Databases

Li, Ximeng ; Wu, Xi ; Lafuente, Alberto Lluch ; Nielson, Flemming ; Nielson, Hanne Riis.
We present a coordination language for the modeling of distributed database applications. The language, baptized Klaim-DB, borrows the concepts of localities and nets of the coordination language Klaim but re-incarnates the tuple spaces of Klaim as databases. It provides high-level abstractions […]

3. Asynchronous Distributed Execution Of Fixpoint-Based Computational Fields

Lafuente, Alberto Lluch ; Loreti, Michele ; Montanari, Ugo.
Coordination is essential for dynamic distributed systems whose components exhibit interactive and autonomous behaviors. Spatially distributed, locally interacting, propagating computational fields are particularly appealing for allowing components to join and leave with little or no overhead. […]

4. Dynamic Choreographies: Theory And Implementation

Preda, Mila Dalla ; Gabbrielli, Maurizio ; Giallorenzo, Saverio ; Lanese, Ivan ; Mauro, Jacopo.
Programming distributed applications free from communication deadlocks and race conditions is complex. Preserving these properties when applications are updated at runtime is even harder. We present a choreographic approach for programming updatable, distributed applications. We define a […]