Selected Papers of the Conferences FORTE and COORDINATION 2016

Editors: Elvira Albert, Ivan Lanese, Alberto Lluch Lafuente and José Proença

1. On Sessions and Infinite Data

Severi, Paula ; Padovani, Luca ; Tuosto, Emilio ; Dezani-Ciancaglini, Mariangiola.
We define a novel calculus that combines a call-by-name functional core with session-based communication primitives. We develop a typing discipline that guarantees both normalisation of expressions and progress of processes and that uncovers an unexpected interplay between evaluation and […]

2. Tracing where IoT data are collected and aggregated

Bodei, Chiara ; Degano, Pierpaolo ; Ferrari, Gian-Luigi ; Galletta, Letterio.
The Internet of Things (IoT) offers the infrastructure of the information society. It hosts smart objects that automatically collect and exchange data of various kinds, directly gathered from sensors or generated by aggregations. Suitable coordination primitives and analysis mechanisms are in order […]

3. Retractability, games and orchestrators for session contracts

Barbanera, Franco ; de'Liguoro, Ugo.
Session contracts is a formalism enabling to investigate client/server interaction protocols and to interpret session types. We extend session contracts in order to represent outputs whose actual sending in an interaction depends on a third party or on a mutual agreement between the partners. […]