Peter A. Jonsson ; Johan Nordlander - Positive Supercompilation for a Higher-Order Call-By-Value Language

lmcs:1038 - Logical Methods in Computer Science, August 18, 2010, Volume 6, Issue 3 -
Positive Supercompilation for a Higher-Order Call-By-Value Language

Authors: Peter A. Jonsson ; Johan Nordlander

    Previous deforestation and supercompilation algorithms may introduce accidental termination when applied to call-by-value programs. This hides looping bugs from the programmer, and changes the behavior of a program depending on whether it is optimized or not. We present a supercompilation algorithm for a higher-order call-by-value language and prove that the algorithm both terminates and preserves termination properties. This algorithm utilizes strictness information to decide whether to substitute or not and compares favorably with previous call-by-name transformations.

    Volume: Volume 6, Issue 3
    Published on: August 18, 2010
    Accepted on: June 25, 2015
    Submitted on: October 12, 2009
    Keywords: Computer Science - Programming Languages,D.3.4,D.3.2

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    Source : ScholeXplorer IsReferencedBy DOI 10.20948/prepr-2018-111
    • 10.20948/prepr-2018-111
    • 10.20948/prepr-2018-111
    Суперкомпиляция: основные принципы и базовые понятия
    Klimov, Andrei Valentinovich ; Romanenko, Sergei Anatolievich ;

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