Special Issues

Special Issues Of Logical Methods In Computer Science

Logical Methods in Computer Sience publishes Special Issues of selected papers (e.g., a selection of papers from a conference, a festschrift, or dedicated to a specific topic) based on proposals of the highest quality presented to Brigitte Pientka and Fabio Zanasi, the managing editors for special issues. Special-issue articles are requested to be refereed to the same high standards of the articles of regular issues. Special issue submissions should be revised extended versions of conference articles offering an extra benefit to the reader, e.g., full proofs, additional applications and explanations, improved presentation.

Each proposal should contain the name of the proposed guest editor(s), the rationale for the special issue, information about the selection procedure of submissions, and (as far as possible) the submissions and their authors. Logical Methods in Computer Science only considers proposal for special issues of larger conferences with refereed and previously published proceedings and where submissions are invited from among the best papers presented at the conference. Proposals for special issues devoted to workshops or to conferences with no prior refereed proceedings will not be considered. A festschrift is only considered in case of invited contributions, and so a festschrift proposal should also list invited authors and give the intended time schedule. The managing editors will then decide whether they accept the proposal. For special issues dedicated to a specific topic the same rules apply.

As a rule, one of the editors of Logical Methods in Computer Science will be asked to to act as a co-editor of the Special Issue. Guest editors are expected to follow the usual journal refereeing procedure; they are also expected not to co-author submissions to the Special Issue.

Every paper accepted for publication is published immediately in the then current, numbered, issue of Logical Methods in Computer Science. The Special Issue itself appears without an issue number on a separate Special Issue web page as a journal overlay. It will normally have a Guest editor preface.

Special issues should be completed about three years after the submission deadline. After this point the managing editors may decide to proceed to closing the special issue and move any remaining open papers to a regular issue.

Special Issue paper citations can have the form:

Special Issue on XXX
Logical Methods in Computer Science VOLUME (ISSUE:NUMBER) YEAR
(where XXX is the name of the Special Issue).