Licence Agreement

Copyright for articles published in Logical Methods in Computer Science is retained by the authors. Before publication of an accepted article, authors are required to assent to both a the Creative Commons CC-BY license (click here to read the full-text legal code) and also the agreement below with the journal. The Creative Commons license grants general rights to store, publish, distribute, access and make commercial use of the article. The agreement with the journal concerns corrections and republication.

The license was developed by Creative Commons to facilitate open access to, and free use of, original works of all types, and has been adopted by a growing group of authors and artists, as well as the Public Library of Science Applying this standard license to your work will provide strong legal protection to you and those wishing to use your work, and thus ensure your right to make your work freely and openly available.

Licence CC-BY is used since 2018, for paper 15 in volume 14, issue 1 (the Licence CC-BY-ND was used for the previous papers).


  1. This is an agreement between Logical Methods in Computer Science (the "Journal"), and the copyright owner, or co-owner, (the "Owner") of a paper (the "Work") submitted to be published in the Journal.
  2. The Owner warrants that s/he has the full power and authority to enter into this Agreement and to grant the rights granted in this Agreement and in the Creative Commons license hereunder. The Owner further warrants that all authors have been advised and have consented to the terms of this agreement and the Owner acts as duly authorized agent of the other authors.
  3. The Owner agrees, if the Work is accepted for publication in the Journal, to have it covered by the Creative Commons CC-BY license given here.
  4. The Owner agrees that no new version of the article, once it is published in the Journal, will be submitted to the Computing Research Repository without the agreement of the Journal. The Owner agrees to handle all changes or corrections via the assigned editor of their article in the Journal.
  5. The Owner agrees that further publication of the Work, with the same or substantially the same content as appears in the Journal, will include an acknowledgment of prior publication in the Journal.