Viorica Sofronie-Stokkermans - Interpolation in local theory extensions

lmcs:1143 - Logical Methods in Computer Science, October 17, 2008, Volume 4, Issue 4 -
Interpolation in local theory extensions

Authors: Viorica Sofronie-Stokkermans

In this paper we study interpolation in local extensions of a base theory. We identify situations in which it is possible to obtain interpolants in a hierarchical manner, by using a prover and a procedure for generating interpolants in the base theory as black-boxes. We present several examples of theory extensions in which interpolants can be computed this way, and discuss applications in verification, knowledge representation, and modular reasoning in combinations of local theories.

Volume: Volume 4, Issue 4
Published on: October 17, 2008
Accepted on: June 25, 2015
Submitted on: February 11, 2007
Keywords: Computer Science - Logic in Computer Science,Computer Science - Software Engineering,F.4.1,F.3.1


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