Bartek Klin ; Jurriaan Rot - Coalgebraic trace semantics via forgetful logics

lmcs:2622 - Logical Methods in Computer Science, April 27, 2017, Volume 12, Issue 4 -
Coalgebraic trace semantics via forgetful logics

Authors: Bartek Klin ; Jurriaan Rot

We use modal logic as a framework for coalgebraic trace semantics, and show the flexibility of the approach with concrete examples such as the language semantics of weighted, alternating and tree automata, and the trace semantics of generative probabilistic systems. We provide a sufficient condition under which a logical semantics coincides with the trace semantics obtained via a given determinization construction. Finally, we consider a condition that guarantees the existence of a canonical determinization procedure that is correct with respect to a given logical semantics. That procedure is closely related to Brzozowski's minimization algorithm.

Volume: Volume 12, Issue 4
Published on: April 27, 2017
Accepted on: December 28, 2016
Submitted on: December 11, 2015
Keywords: Computer Science - Logic in Computer Science,F.3.2,F.4.1


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