Clemens Kupke ; Jurriaan Rot - Expressive Logics for Coinductive Predicates

lmcs:6593 - Logical Methods in Computer Science, December 15, 2021, Volume 17, Issue 4 -
Expressive Logics for Coinductive PredicatesArticle

Authors: Clemens Kupke ORCID; Jurriaan Rot

    The classical Hennessy-Milner theorem says that two states of an image-finite transition system are bisimilar if and only if they satisfy the same formulas in a certain modal logic. In this paper we study this type of result in a general context, moving from transition systems to coalgebras and from bisimilarity to coinductive predicates. We formulate when a logic fully characterises a coinductive predicate on coalgebras, by providing suitable notions of adequacy and expressivity, and give sufficient conditions on the semantics. The approach is illustrated with logics characterising similarity, divergence and a behavioural metric on automata.

    Volume: Volume 17, Issue 4
    Published on: December 15, 2021
    Accepted on: July 6, 2021
    Submitted on: June 23, 2020
    Keywords: Computer Science - Logic in Computer Science
      Source : OpenAIRE Graph
    • Compositional Approximate Reasoning via Bialgebraic Semantics; Funder: European Commission; Code: 795119

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