Müller, Fritz - On Berry's conjectures about the stable order in PCF

lmcs:925 - Logical Methods in Computer Science, October 12, 2012, Volume 8, Issue 4
On Berry's conjectures about the stable order in PCF

Authors: Müller, Fritz

PCF is a sequential simply typed lambda calculus language. There is a unique order-extensional fully abstract cpo model of PCF, built up from equivalence classes of terms. In 1979, Gérard Berry defined the stable order in this model and proved that the extensional and the stable order together form a bicpo. He made the following two conjectures: 1) "Extensional and stable order form not only a bicpo, but a bidomain." We refute this conjecture by showing that the stable order is not bounded complete, already for finitary PCF of second-order types. 2) "The stable order of the model has the syntactic order as its image: If a is less than b in the stable order of the model, for finite a and b, then there are normal form terms A and B with the semantics a, resp. b, such that A is less than B in the syntactic order." We give counter-examples to this conjecture, again in finitary PCF of second-order types, and also refute an improved conjecture: There seems to be no simple syntactic characterization of the stable order. But we show that Berry's conjecture is true for unary PCF. For the preliminaries, we explain the basic fully abstract semantics of PCF in the general setting of (not-necessarily complete) partial order models (f-models.) And we restrict the syntax to "game terms", with a graphical representation.

Source : oai:arXiv.org:1108.0556
DOI : 10.2168/LMCS-8(4:7)2012
Volume: Volume 8, Issue 4
Published on: October 12, 2012
Submitted on: August 2, 2011
Keywords: Computer Science - Logic in Computer Science,F.3.2,F.4.1


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