Konrad Burnik ; Zvonko Iljazovic - Computability of 1-manifolds

lmcs:961 - Logical Methods in Computer Science, June 12, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 2 - https://doi.org/10.2168/LMCS-10(2:8)2014
Computability of 1-manifolds

Authors: Konrad Burnik ; Zvonko Iljazovic

A semi-computable set S in a computable metric space need not be computable. However, in some cases, if S has certain topological properties, we can conclude that S is computable. It is known that if a semi-computable set S is a compact manifold with boundary, then the computability of \deltaS implies the computability of S. In this paper we examine the case when S is a 1-manifold with boundary, not necessarily compact. We show that a similar result holds in this case under assumption that S has finitely many components.

Volume: Volume 10, Issue 2
Published on: June 12, 2014
Accepted on: June 25, 2015
Submitted on: December 10, 2013
Keywords: Computer Science - Logic in Computer Science,Mathematics - Logic


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